Wells in Mullivaikal

In 2016, we commenced a wells project called the “Living Springs Project”in Mullivaikal in the North East of Sri Lanka. This is one of the places affected by the internal war.There is a dire need for clean water for inhabitants of this region.   

      wells family

One photo below shows how some have had to access water (from a barrel) to meet the basic needs of their families. In 2016-2020, we have completed 22 wells.

Before                                                                       After


Now these families are able to access clean water to meet their daily necessities. Some enterprising families have also started their own vegetable gardens and planted fruit trees and coconut trees in their compounds as they now have access to water to cultivate their crops.

A Community Wells in Sudhanthirapuram and Murasumodai

In January/February 2019 we built a Community well in Sudhanthirapuram in the North of Sri Lanka. It is a 100ft deep tube well. This area suffers a number of months of drought each year and water is scarce during this time. In association with another sponsor, we have completed this Community Well project which will provide those in the community with access to clean water throughout the year. 

In 2020 we built another 75ft deep tube well to provide water for a widows colony in Murasumodai which is situated in Mulaithivu district.

Plaque- Community well                       Banana Plantation - Community well

Easy access to clean water 24/7                Well water being used for Banana plantation

Our aim is to provide private and community wells to as many families and communities with the most need such as the disabled and the widows.We believe that everyone needs to have access to clean water as this is the basic necessity for all.

The gift of clean water is a ‘miracle’ many desperately need all around the world.  Together we are being part of this ‘miracle’ for those in need.

English Tuition – (An on going project)

In the past three years we have also sponsored  English tuition to about 40 underprivileged children in Mullivailkal East in order to give them better prospects for their future.Now these children have an opportunity to learn English which will also help them to be computer literate and open up better job opportunities when they finish their education, which may not have been possible if they were not given the opportunity to learn English.


Daily Feeding Programme – ( 2017- 2019)

From 2017 -2019, we sponsored a feeding programme for the disabled children in a special school  in Puthukudiyirpu, in the North of Sri Lanka.

Working with In-Country Partners

We are working with charities based in Sri Lanka to achieve our goals in being part of rebuilding lives and bringing hope and happiness to the needy and the underprivileged.

The map below shows the areas (Mullivaikal, Suthanthirapuram and Puthukudiyirpu) in the North of Sri Lanka, where Community Development Projects have been undertaken by Miracle Restoration Ministries Inc.

 “Everyone deserves a life of hope”